INTERIORS BY H & R GROUP COLOR. It was founded in Bogota Colombia, specialized in the remodeling and construction of luxurious properties, residential and commercial. Extending its growth in the year 2000 throughout South Florida.

Interiors By H & R Group merged in 2012 with Guzman Construction Inc., and MEC Design Consultants, Inc., has large international and local projects. Established in South Florida, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Venezuela and Colombia. We are a team of energetic professionals, we have talented designers, architects, engineers, contractors and experienced managers available to guide our clients through the perfect and timely execution of any residential and commercial design project.

Interiors by H & R Group, Guzman Construction Inc.

H & R Group: Together with our qualified and certified Partners staff, it becomes an integral part of the collaboration process to create the authentic style of your design and achieve the pleasant spaces for our clients. Our work is negotiated, we also have great success in the field of bidding. This comes into competitive prices for all projects, without sacrificing quality.

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